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Apache Hbase - NoSQL Database for Big Data Projects

Apache Hbase

  • Availability: Open Source

  • Programming language: Java

  • It is a NoSQL database runs on top of HDFS

  • It can handle very large database tables(billions of rows and millions of columns)

  • It is not a direct replacement of classic SQL database, however Apache Phoenix project provides a SQL layer for HBase as well as JDBC driver that can be integrated with various analytics and business intelligence applications


  • Linear and Modular scalability

  • Easy to use Java API for client access

  • Replication across the load center

  • Atomic and strongly consistent row-level operations

  • High availability through automatic failover

  • Automatic sharding and load balancing of tables

  • Near real time look ups

  • In-memory caching via block cache and bloom filters

  • Server side processing via filters and co-processors

  • Data model accommodates a wide range of use cases

  • Metrics exports via File and Ganglia plugins