Data aggregation in wireless sensor network

Data aggregation is the process of gathering the data from multiple sensors to eliminate the redundant transmission and to provide fused information to the base station. Data aggregation generally gathers the data from several sensors at intermediate nodes and transmits the aggregated data to the base station. The data aggregation technique is used mainly to increase the Energy efficiency. Data aggregation is performed at each node along the path. Aggregation within the region is selected based on the aggregation ratio and aggregation between regions is performed based on the residual energy of the node. In several cluster based algorithms, the cluster heads broadcasts their own advertisement for the whole sensor network resulting in inefficient use of energy.

Solution in NS2

  • Sensor network is created with set of nodes and base station in ns2.

  • The data transmission model is designed such that only aggregated data to reach the base station.

  • Energy consumption is calculated and observed in the data transmission with aggregation and without aggregation.

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