Defense mechanism against data flooding attacks

In the data flooding attack, the adversary floods several data packets into the network causing Denial of Service (DoS). There are only few defense mechanisms against data flooding attack. The existing defense mechanisms do not guarantee Quality of Service (QoS) of burst traffic as the multimedia data are usually burst. Period-based defense mechanism (PDM) against data flooding attack takes improving the throughput of burst traffic into consideration. PDM uses a blacklist to effectively prevent the malicious nodes.

Solution in NS2

  • The data flooding attack can be shown by increasing the network traffic generation rate at the attacker node. High network traffic causes the packet collision that leads to packet loss and high energy consumption.

  • Period-based defense mechanism is implemented with blacklist as trace file.

  • Improvement in throughput is evaluated, using the trace file results.

Related Titles:

  • Hyojin Kim, Ramachandra Bhargav Chitti, and JooSeok Song, “Novel Defense Mechanism against Data Flooding Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks”.