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Ph.D Research Proposal for Edge Computing

With the rapid increase of the distributed computing devices such as the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, time-critical applications necessitate the demand of the decentralized computing environment. Cloud computing technology supports the real-time processing of the massive amount of data by its on-demand access. However, cloud computing extends the response time due to its remote access, which is inapplicable for time-critical applications. Edge computing technology has become one of the promising solutions for large-scale and distributed IoT applications. In order to ease the configuration, deployment, and management of devices on edge, the researchers heavily focused on edge computing solutions.

  • Edge computing encounters a variety of scheduling challenges due to the tasks migration between different layers of physical devices include client devices, edge nodes, and cloud servers
  • Advanced interactive applications such as edge-supported drones and smart vehicles heavily rely on accessing the potential benefits of the edge computing
  • Data and resource management is a difficult task in the edge nodes due to the heterogeneous data such as text and images generated from the heterogeneous devices
  • Security and privacy are major concerns in edge environment due to the advantage of the ease of accessing the edge nodes
  • Providing seamless application execution is critical over high mobility associated edge devices
  • Implementing the compute-intensive techniques in the edge nodes has led to performance degradation in a resource-constrained environment
  • Data aggregation is a challenging task over the distributed edge servers while providing the service to the mission-critical applications.