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Final year projects – Research Perspectives

The inexorable advance of the knowledge society and economy, both fueled by higher education, research, and innovation systems that have undergone profound changes in the past decade have made ‘research on research’ increasingly important to all. The knowledge generated by research is the basis of sustainable development that significantly improve the services and applications of day-to-day lives to ensure wide-spread benefits.

The nature of final year projects

The most important piece of work that students undertake at the end of the course is a final year project. Engaging students in the final year research project are one way in which institutions enable them to demonstrate their skill level in line with the industry standards. Every student is motivated to become an independent learner, study their chosen subject(s) in depth and enhance their capacity for analytic, critical, and creative thinking.

Characteristics of a final year project

How it should be:

  • An extended piece of work
  • Relevant to a discipline or take an interdisciplinary approach
  • Research or inquiry – based
  • Underpinned by a range of relevant sources
  • Contextualize and show the recognition of the provisional nature of knowledge
  • Clear on what it is contributing
  • Well-defined and have justified methodology
  • Reflecting on top of its conclusions and where appropriate have an element of commentary, including recommendations
  • Communicating the research outcomes appropriately and effectively

We at S-Logix believe…

“The final year project provides an important indication of the student’s intellectual development and their progress towards self-authorship and has been recognized as an activity which has a high impact on student learning, as well as identifying potential research students”.

Consulting through S-Logix

The final year projects provide students a transforming experience and helps them to deal with more complex and uncertain problems. The students dis-engage from undergraduate status and re-emerge as professional graduates to assess critically and act responsibly in society

It’s time to reassert the importance of final year projects and to rethink their role in the student development.

Kick- Start your final year research project !

“ In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is a great deal of difference ”

Who is eligible for final year research projects?

B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/M.S –Related to our research areas

Are you thinking about Research?

Step in… to S_Logix, alleviate anxiety, ensure the correct steps and achieve your objective!