How to add the variable in neighbor address in rpl using cooja?


To access the variable during neighbor list access, it is appended in the neighbor address.

   open a file at location
handle the neighbor address in rpl.

uip_ds6_nbr_add(const uip_ipaddr_t *ipaddr, const uip_lladdr_t *lladdr,                uint8_t isrouter, uint8_t state, int recvcount)  {

// each node neighbor address maintained


for(nbr1= nbr_table_head(ds6_neighbors); nbr1 != NULL; nbr1 = nbr_table_next(ds6_neighbors, nbr1)) {


nbr_id1 = &nbr1->ipaddr;

Recvcount = nbr1->nb_recvc; // received Count Accessed from neighbor address


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