How to implement Center and Scaling Function from caret Package in R?


To implement the center and scaling function from caret package using R programming.

   Centering and scaling will work forcontinuous data.

Scale :

   To scale the data, each predictor valueisdivided by its standard deviation(sd).

   This helps in coercing the predictor valueto have a sdof one.


   To center a predictor variable,the averagepredictor value is subtractedfrom allthe values.

   As a result of centering, the predictorhas zero mean.

Package and Function:

R Package : caret

R Function : scale(x, scale =, center = )

x -- a Numeric Vector

scale -- logical value

center -- logical value

#Centering and Scaling


#Scale Value
scale(x,scale=TRUE,center =FALSE)

#Center Value
scale(x , scale = FALSE, center= TRUE)

#Both Scale and Center Value using Scale Function
scale(x, scale = TRUE, center = TRUE)

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