How to implement COAP communication using z1 platform in cooja simulator?


To know about how to implement CoAP communication using Z1 platform in contiki cooja simulator.

   Open the file and fix the server
address for Z1motes in client file Location:

home/ contiki/ examples/

   Open - Contiki Cooja Network

  Create a new simulation(ctrl+ n)

   Create modes with Z1 modes
for all three files

   border-router.c, er-example
server.c, er-example client.c.

   Open motes menu >> add motes
>> create new motes type >> Z1 motes

  To see more information
about Z1 hardware platform after
create a simulation,

   Right click on motes >>
mote tools for Z1 >> mote information
>>mote type information

  Change directories in terminal:

   contiki/ examples/ ipv6/

   Now connect the router with

   make connect-router-cooja

   Compilation cmds: make TARGET=z1

..After connect the server.

start the simulation

  After completion of network simulation
check transactions in motes
output terminal.And also we can
save the output.

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