How to launch Neighbor Attack in RPL using contiki cooja simulator?


Neighbour attack is malicious node broadcast DIO messages that it received without adding information of himself. The node who receives this type of messages may think that new neighbor node send this DIO message. Nodes try to select the node which is not in range as parent node and change the route to the out range neighbors. This attack affects network Quality Of Service parameters as no change in packet delivery ratio, slight delay, slight change in network topology. When combined with other attacks can be dangerous problem.

   Open a file in location.
In this file handling the
neighbour creation add.
Drop some packets using the neighbour
to an attack.
rpl /rpl-icmp6.c function

// Dropping packet Attack
Creation using neighbour
if (node_id == 15 ||
node_id == 24) { instance->current_dag->rank = 100;

   Open motes menu >> add motes
>> create new motes type >>
choose mote



examples/ipv6/rpl-udp/Choose a file
location>> compile>> create >>
choose sever >> add motes.

Run the simulation

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