How to launch Stealthy Denial of Service(DoS) Attack using CloudSim?

  • Configure cloudsim entities such as datacenter, broker.

              VirtualMachine vm = new VirtualMachine(i, brokerId, vmMips[i], penum, draml, bandW, storeSize, vmm, sched);

              broker = new CreatedBroker(“Broker”, usid);

              cloudlet = new NewCloudlet(x, cloudLength[x], pecount, cloudIn[x], opsize, utilizationModel, utilizationModel, utilizationModel);

  • Get user requirements in terms of number of cloudlets and configuration of each cloudlet.



  • Normal user submits the average number of cloudlets. Attacker user submits larger number of cloudlets.


              lastClock = CloudSim.startSimulation();

              Applist = broker.getCloudletReceivedList();


  • Print the execution time of the cloudlets. Execution time of cloudlets gets increased due to the overloading of VMs in host due to the DoS attack.

              Log.printLine(indent + indent + cloudlet.getResourceId()

              + indent + indent + indent + cloudlet.getVmId()

              + indent + indent

              + dft.format(cloudlet.getActualCPUTime()) + indent

              + indent + indent

              + dft.format(cloudlet.getFinishTime()));