How to launch the DDoS attack in RPL contiki cooja simulator?


Unnecessary incoming traffic are originated from one source. This makes it an impossible to differentiates the normal data traffic from the DDOS flooding.

   Open the file at location:
tpl-udp /udp-client.c -

Change the Interval,

#define PERIOD1 1


#define SEND_TIME_1 (random_rand() % (SEND_INTERVAL_1))

if (node_id == 21) {

ctimer_set(&backoff_timer, SEND_TIME_1, send_packet, NULL);

} else {

ctimer_set(&backoff_timer, SEND_TIME, send_packet, NULL);


   Open cooja simulation

   In terminal, go
to this directory: cd “contiki/
tools/ cooja/”

   Give Command in terminal :
ant run

   To create simulation.

Create motes for choose this
location server, client file.


   Run the simulation.

  , Start- click run the simulation

Normal Traffic

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