How to launch the global repair in RPL using contiki cooja simulator?


It’s an indirect attack, it Occurs when malicious node publishes a higher version number of a DODAG tree.This repair take place when network inconsistent can’t be repaired by local repair mechanisms. It’s triggered by the DODAG root incrementing the DODAG version number to initiate a new DODAG version.

  Open a file to modify at location:
rpl-icmp6.c -

   controls the input and
 output for RPL control

   Modifying in this function
 to force a mote to send DIO messages
 with higher DAG  version.

if (node_id == root) {

dag->version++ ;


  Instead of dag->versionadd above code

  To incremented version and provoke global

When version number is increasing
automatically it will call global
repair function which is predefined
in following location.


Create a simulation in cooja.
New simulation(ctrl+n).

To create motes choose the
files at following location:
Home/user/contiki/ examples/ipv6/

udp-server.c, udp-client.c
Run the simulation.Start -run the network simulation

When root increasing the dag version, that case global repair occured.

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