How to use Nakagami radio propogation model in 802.11p using NS2?


More realistic wireless communication channel with fading can be configured using the Nakagami RF model. It is mostly used in VANET signal propagation model.

TCL part :

# ==============================================================
# Define options

set val(chan)Channel/WirelessChannel;# channel type
set val(prop)Propagation/Nakagami;# radio-propagation model
set val(netif)Phy/WirelessPhyExt;# network interface type
set val(mac)Mac/802_11Ext;# MAC type
set val(ifq)Queue/DropTail/PriQueue;# interface queue type
set val(ll)LL;# link layer type
set val(ant)Antenna/OmniAntenna;# antenna model
set val(ifqlen)50;# max packet in ifq
set val(nn)72;# number of mobilenodes
set val(rp)GPSR;# routing protocol
set opt(x)800;# x coordinate of topology
set opt(y)750;# y coordinate of topology
set stopTime35.00

# ===============================================================
# Main Program
#vehicles configuration

# 802.11p default parameters
$val(netif) set CSThresh_ 3.9810717055349694e-13 ;# -94 dBm wireless interface sensitivity
$val(netif) set Pt_ 0.0005 ;#equals 20dBm when considering antenna gains of 1.0
$val(netif) set freq_ 5.9e+9
$val(netif) set noise_floor_ 1.26e-13 ;# -99 dBm for 10MHz bandwidth
$val(netif) set L_ 1.0 ;# default radio circuit gain/loss
$val(netif) set PowerMonitorThresh_ 3.981071705534985e-18 ;# -174 dBm power monitor sensitivity (=level of gaussian noise)
$val(netif) set HeaderDuration_ 0.000040 ;# 40 us
$val(netif) set BasicModulationScheme_ 0
$val(netif) set PreambleCaptureSwitch_ 1
$val(netif) set DataCaptureSwitch_ 1
$val(netif) set SINR_PreambleCapture_ 3.1623; ;# 5 dB
$val(netif) set SINR_DataCapture_ 10.0; ;# 10 dB
$val(netif) set trace_dist_ 1e6 ;# PHY trace until distance of 1 Mio. km ("infinity")
$val(netif) set PHY_DBG_ 0

$val(mac) set CWMin_ 15
$val(mac) set CWMax_ 1023
$val(mac) set SlotTime_ 0.000013
$val(mac) set SIFS_ 0.000032
$val(mac) set ShortRetryLimit_ 7
$val(mac) set LongRetryLimit_ 4
$val(mac) set HeaderDuration_ 0.000040
$val(mac) set SymbolDuration_ 0.000008
$val(mac) set BasicModulationScheme_ 0
$val(mac) set use_802_11a_flag_ true
$val(mac) set RTSThreshold_ 2346
$val(mac) set MAC_DBG 0

Propagation/Nakagami set gamma0_ 1.9
Propagation/Nakagami set gamma1_ 3.8
Propagation/Nakagami set gamma2_ 3.8

Propagation/Nakagami set d0_gamma_ 200
Propagation/Nakagami set d1_gamma_ 500

Propagation/Nakagami set use_nakagami_dist_ false

Propagation/Nakagami set m0_ 1.5
Propagation/Nakagami set m1_ 0.75
Propagation/Nakagami set m2_ 0.75

Propagation/Nakagami set d0_m_ 80
Propagation/Nakagami set d1_m_ 200