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A novel medical internet of things perception system based on visual image encryption and intrusion detection - 2018

Author(s) Name:  Aiying Guo, Meihua Xu, Feng Ran, Haiyong Wang
Journal name:  Cluster Computing
Conferrence name:  
Publisher name:  Springer
DOI:  10.1007/s10586-018-1944-2
Research Area:  Internet of Things

Smart cities are the emerging topics in the recent decade with advancements in science and technology especially in the areas of communication technologies. Concept of smart cities depicts the inteconnectivity of physical objects to provide transparency in communication between the physical components or objects. However, implementation of a smart city using Internet of Things (IoT) which is the backbone architecture is affected by several attacks in the wireless communication domain during communication of information between the components as well as cyber-attacks which necessiate the need for the intrusion detection mechanism to prevent any illegeal loss data. This research paper addresses these security issues by implementing the IoT architecture and systematically analysing the demands in security aspects as well as justifying the results with experimentations conducted in a simulated smart city environment.

Volume Information:   volume 22, pages 13405–13413 (2019)
Journal Link: