Machine Learning tools for Bigdata
S. No.ToolsTypeAvailabilityDevelopment LanguageOperating SystemDescription
1MLlibSpark ML libraryOpen SourceScala, Java, Python, RWindows,Mac OSX, LinuxComprising a set of machine learning algorithms and utilities, such as classification, clustering, regression, dimensionality reduction, and collaborative filtering
2JSATJava ML libraryOpen SourceJavaWindowsProviding a huge collection of algorithms for machine learning problemsProviding results in a fast manner
3JavaMLJava ML, Data Mining libraryOpen SourceJavaOS IndependentContaining a collection of data mining and machine learning algorithmsProviding a simple and easy of use interface for each algorithm
4H2oJava ML FrameworkOpen SourceJava, Python, R, ScalaWindows,Mac OSX, LinuxSupporting the statistical, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms
5RankLibJava ML libraryOpen SourceJava, PythonOS IndependentProviding a set of learning to rank algorithms and supporting the evaluation using retrieval metrics
6WekaJava ML libraryOpen SourceGUI based toolWindows,Mac OSX, LinuxProviding a set of tools and machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks include predictive modeling and data analysis with Graphical User Interface
7MOAJava ML FrameworkOpen SourceJavaOS IndependentProviding data mining and machine learning algorithms for large-scale stream data in real time
8DL4jFramework for NLP,DL,ML,AIOpen SourceJava, ScalaWindows,Mac OSX, Linux, AndroidProviding artificial intelligence algorithms for big data mining and analytics especially, for business environment
9MalletJava ML library, NLP, Text analysisOpen SourceJavaWindows,Mac OSX, LinuxSupporting statistical analysis, document classification, topic modeling, NLP, cluster analysis, and other machine learning applications for textual information
10ADAMAdvanced Data Mining and ML libraryOpen SourceJava, Scala, R, Python and SQLOS IndependentConstructing and maintaining real-time complex workflows in a fast manner for data mining and machine learning tasks
11EncogJava and .NET ML FrameworkOpen SourceJava, .NETOS IndependentSupporting different learning algorithms especially, neural networks
12DatumboxJava ML FrameworkOpen SourceJava,Python, RWindows,Mac OSX, LinuxSupporting predictive analytics for different applications such as sentiment analysis, topic classification, spam detection, and subjectivity analysis
13Oryx2Built on Apache Spark and Apache KafkaOpen SourceSpark, KafkaWindows,Mac OSX, LinuxProviding machine learning algorithms for large-scale real-time data
14Tensor FlowPython Ml libraryOpen SourcePython, C++, Haskell, Java, Go, Rust, JavascriptWindows,Mac OSX, Linux, AndroidSupporting differentiable and dataflow programming and also, machine learning applications especially, neural networks
15KerasPython DL libraryOpen SourcePythonOS IndependentProviding deep learning algorithms and enabling fast and easy prototyping
16Scikit-learnPython ML libraryOpen SourcePythonWindows,Mac OSX, LinuxSupporting data mining and data analysis tasks using machine learning algorithms
17Microsoft Cognitive ToolkitML and DL by MicrosoftOpen SourceC++,PythonWindows,LinuxProviding a series of neural networks for large-scale data processing
18TheanoPython DL libraryOpen SourcePythonWindows,Mac OSX, LinuxSupporting fast numerical computation through deep learning models
19CaffeDL libraryOpen SourceC++, PythonWindows,Mac OSX, LinuxProviding a set of deep learning models for speech, multimedia, and vision applications
20TorchML libraryOpen SourceLuaMac OSX, Linux, Android, iOSSupporting a scientific computing by providing a wide range of deep learning algorithms
21Accord.NET.NET ML FrameworkOpen SourceC#OS IndependentSupporting a scientific computing through machine learning algorithms and also, audio and image processing
22MLPackC++ ML libraryOpen SourceC++OS IndependentProviding a fast and flexible computation using machine learning algorithms
23Apache SingaDL,NLP,Image Processing, MLOpen SourcePythonWindows,Mac OSX, LinuxSupporting scalable and distributed training for healthcare applications using machine learning algorithms
24ShogunMLOpen SourceOctave, Python, R, Java, Lua, Ruby, C#OS IndependentProviding different data structures and algorithms for machine learning problems
25AmazonMLAML, ML, DLOpen SourceJava, .NET, Ruby, PythonGenerating predictions by building machine learning models
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