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Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Energy-Efficient Real-Time Data Communications

Author(s) Name:  Tavli, Bulent, Heinzelman, Wendi

About the Book:

   This book presents the Time Reservation using Adaptive Control for Energy Efficiency (TRACE) family of protocol architectures that provide such dynamic coordinated channel access in a distributed manner, enabling energy-efficient, real-time data communications in MANETs.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Manet Fundamentals
  • Medium Access Control
  • Routing
  • Energy Efficiency And Qos
  • Sh-Trace Protocol Architecture
  • Mh-Trace Protocol Architecture
  • Effects Of Channel Errors
  • Real-Time Data Broadcasting
  • Nb-Trace Protocol Architecture
  • Mc-Trace Protocol Architecture
  • Conclusions And Future Research Directions
  • ISBN:  9781402046322

    Publisher:  Springer Netherlands

    Year of Publication:  2006

    Book Link:  Home Page Url