PHD Research Proposal in Mobile Cloud Computing


The rapid proliferation of sophisticated mobile applications increases the popularity of mobile computing in the pervasive environment. Although, mobile devices especially, smartphones often meet the resource-scarcity problem such as short battery lifetime and limited storage while executing the resource-intensive mobile applications. Hence, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) provides the opportunity to execute the resource-intensive mobile applications using abundant cloud resources in an on-demand fashion. As the increased utilization of the smartphones and cloud-based mobile applications, researches on the MCC have emerged. MCC research is based on the interdisciplinary research of cloud computing and mobile computing. The conventional researches have focused on applying cloud computing solutions to mobile applications. Even though MCC resolves the obstacles in mobile computing, and it also encounters the shortcomings during computation such as energy, cost, privacy, security, response time, and so on. Hence, developing solutions for cloud-based mobile applications with an understanding of the characteristics of mobile cloud computing is essential.

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Research Topics in Mobile Cloud Computing


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