Cognitive Radio Networks

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Cognitive Radio (CR) as a promising self-adaptive radio technology improves the utilization efficiency of the radio spectrum in wireless communication to meet out the growing demands of radio spectrum. CR provides knowledge about the unused spectrum through observation made on the radio environment in terms of time and location and optimizes the communication process through the fairness in allocating spectrum among secondary users. With the awareness of spectrum feature, CR empowers the secondary/unlicensed users to utilize the unused spectrum of the primary users without violating the overall capacity constraints. For instance, the unused TV spectrum can be used for the secondary applications such as telecommunication, and Internet access. CR solves the problem of spectrum scarcity with QoS assurance by its self-adaptive nature.

With the effective utilization of the natural resource the radio spectrum, CR includes more potential practical applications such as TV white spaces, emergency networks, military networks, mesh networks, cellular networks, multimedia, leased networks, vehicular communications. CR brings the tremendous impact in bandwidth optimization and cost efficiency, especially in the next-generation cellular network. It attracts the attention of today’s researchers due to the challenges and issues remaining in utilizing the full potential of radio spectrum in cognitive radio network. S-Logix deals with the analysis and solutions to the challenges of this emerging technology.

  • Cognitive Network Architecture and Deployment
  • Cognitive Protocol Design in Cognitive Radio Network
  • Cognitive System Adaptation Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Network
  • Spectrum Sharing Methods of Cognitive Radio
  • Spectrum Decision Techniques of Cognitive Radio
  • Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Methods of Cognitive Radio
  • Spectrum Sensing Methods And Issues in Cognitive Radio Network
  • Transmission and Power Control Techniques in Cognitive Radio Network
  • Cooperative Communications and Incentive Mechanisms
  • QoS Management in Cognitive Radio Network
  • Spectrum Mobility and Handoff in Cognitive Radio Network
  • Protocol Attacks and Defense Mechanisms in Cognitive Radio Network
  • Cognitive Network Security Issues
  • Cross-Layer Solutions in Cognitive Radio
  • Channel Allocation Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Bandwidth Management in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Transmission Scheduling Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Cluster Management in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Trust Management in Cognitive Radio Networks

Tools and Technologies

  • NS2
  • CRCN Simulator
  • Java
  • TCL
  • C++
  • NAM
  • X-graph
  • Gnuplot
  • AWK