Mobile Edge Computing

In recent years, with the increased number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, consolidating and processing the generated data in a single data center is an arduous task. Edge computing enables the IoT data processing closer to the data generated location instead of sending the data to the nearby datacenters or clouds. It performs the computing closer to the edge of the network, which supports the organizations to analyze the significant data in near. Edge computing has been widely used in different industries, such as telecommunications, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.

It improves the performance and speed of data by extending the remote cloud services and peer-to-peer networking and distributed data processing. Edge computing pushes the processing power, computation intelligence, and communication capabilities of an edge gateway towards the edge devices such as IoT endpoints.

Research Areas

  • Design of Edge computing architecture
  • Real-time data analytics in Edge gateway
  • Edge Computation offloading
  • Resource allocation in edge computing
  • Virtualization in edge computing
  • Deep learning for edge computing
  • Design of edge intelligence
  • Cost and performance-efficient edge analytics
  • Energy-efficient decision-making
  • Context-aware stream data management
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) based decision making at the edge
  • Agricultural monitoring and control
  • Environmental and climate change monitoring
  • Big data analytics in Edge Computing
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