Wireless Sensor Networks

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Wireless sensor network (WSN) applications typically involve the observation of some physical phenomenon through sampling of the environment. Mobile wireless sensor networks (MWSNs) are a particular class of WSN in which mobility plays a key role in the execution of the application.

MWSNs are a smaller, emerging field of research in contrast to their well-established predecessor. MWSNs are much more versatile than static sensor networks as they can be deployed in any scenario and cope with rapid topology changes. In recent years, mobility has become an important area of research for the WSN community. Hence a platform is provided by S-LOGIX to work with projects based on mobile sensor networks.

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Tools and Technologies

  • NS2
  • C++
  • TCL
  • Mannasim
  • Java
  • AWK
  • NAM
  • Trace Graph
  • BonnMotion