QoS Support in VANET

A self-organized network can be formed by connecting the vehicles and RSUs, called a vehicular ad hoc network (VANET), and the Road Side Units (RSUs) are further connected to the backbone network. For wireless sensor networks (WSNs), IEEE 802.15.4 is used as de-facto standard. However, the behavior of CSMA/CA, collision at heavy load, reduces the throughput and energy consumption performance of WSN. These problems demand MAC layer solutions to be proposed to achieve the better performance of WSN. Scheduling aids in providing quality of service (QoS) support to the prioritized and categorized communication in wireless sensor networks. A suitable scheduling scheme among various scheduler schemes can be selected at MAC layer for assorted connections with varied QoS requirements. Therefore, a priority or weighted function is requested for every link established in the system and depending on wireless channel quality, service priority across layers and QoS satisfaction every connection is updated dynamically.

Solution in NS2

  • Network is designed with set of vehicles of specific sensing and communication range.

  • IEEE 802.15.4 is selected for the MAC object specific to zigbee.

  • Performance is analyzed for various queue types such as FQ, DWRR, and WRR for the metrics such as collision, packet drop rate and delay.

Related Titles:

  • Traffic Differentiation and Scheduling for QoS support in Vehicular Sensor Networks, IEEE 2013.