Quality of Service Support in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

The provision of Quality of Service (QoS) in mobile ad hoc network is a challenging task. The provision of QoS in mobile ad hoc network is necessary to support the multimedia applications. QoS represents the grade of service assured by the network to an application. QoS parameters in mobile ad hoc network include delay, bandwidth, and reliability. The nature of mobile ad hoc network poses several challenges in assuring QoS.
Some of the major challenges are:
  • The network topology of a mobile ad hoc network is dynamic in nature. Therefore, it is complicated to design a protocol that ensures QoS guarantees desired by an application.

  • The resources of the devices used are limited. Therefore, the protocols designed for ensuring QoS should be light-weight, so that it consumes the insignificant amount of energy.

  • Depending on the actual QoS requirements of an application, the issues involved in guaranteeing QoS are different.

Solution in NS2
  • Multimedia traffic in ns2 can be used by patching the required .cc and .h files in existing ns2 package followed by rebuilding.

  • The YUV Video sequence is compressed and sender trace file is generated for the compressed video sequence. Data is read from trace file and sent to the receiver using patched new udp agent. Video is reconstructed from the received tracefile.

  • Multimedia traffic can be tested under Mobile Adhoc Network Environment. Mobility causes the packet loss during the data transmission. Performance can be evaluated in terms of Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR).