Secure Routing

Open nature of MANET is vulnerable to various attacks. Network operation in Adhoc is mainly based on nodes cooperation. During the routing process active attack such as deletion, modification, replication, redirection and fabrication occur in the network. Securing the routing in ad hoc networks against malicious attacks is difficult to achieve. Application of cryptographic techniques, assists in securing data transmission. But while applying cryptography techniques, no assurance for defense against packet dropping attack and also it incurs high overhead in terms of memory and computation. Data transmission over the trust based path is the preventive method for these attacks.

Solution in NS2

  • Data Transmission is established in the network environment that contains attacker nodes.

  • Routing path is selected based on the parameters such as trust, energy, and path length. Trust based selection for achieving security. Other parameters are required to achieve the QoS.

  • Packet loss can be reduced due to the selection of high trusted nodes.

  • The lifetime of the network can be increased by the selection of energy efficient node. Delay can be reduced by selecting shortest route.

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