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How to run DTLS for CoAP in Contiki Cooja simulator?

CoAP is the Application layer protocol in terms of the security, Datagram TLS which is a UDP based version of TLS is recommended as a standard security protocol for CoAP.


  Open file menu on cooja and create new simulation with random seeding.

  it will auto-generate the seeds for every time reload the simulation.

  File -new simulation (or) (ctrl+ n).

  click -New random seed on reload option.

  click -Create .


  After click the create option number of tabs will appear in terminal it is basic necessary to simulate applications.

  Open motes menu >> add motes >> create new motes type >> sky

  Three files are necessary to run CoAP applications. In order to create the motes,

  i. border- router.

  ii. er-example-server.c

  iii. er-example-client.c


  To create border router motes


  Choose the file in location >> compile >> create >> Add motes.


  To create server motes.


  Choose a file location >> compile>> create >> choose sever

  count(optional)>> Add motes.



  To create client motes .


  Choose a file in location >> compile >> create >> choose client

  count(optional) >> Add motes.


Now connect the serial socket server in border router.

In cooja, network terminal .. View menu -choose the options you want,

For example: mote Type, mote ID’s, radio traffic, ...

Left click on border router motes >> choose: mote tools for sky1 >> serial socket(SERVER).

New tab will appear click : start -> now the default port will listen.

open one more command terminal and set directories to this location:

Cd contiki/ examples/ ipv6/ rpl-border-router/

Make connect-router-cooja the server will be connected to router.