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How to Create a real time traffic for VANET using OpenStreetMap and SUMO in NS2?

Step 1

Prerequisites to create real time traffic using SUMO and OpenStreetMap

SUMO 0.22.0

Use https://www.openstreetmap.org/ to download map


Step 2

Select the map that need to simulate and export it.After exporting the map,download and save the file.

Step 3

Road network:

netconvert imports the road network stored in “map.osm” and stores the SUMO-network generated from this data into “map.net.xml” from this data into “map.net.xml”
Netconvert –osm-files map.osm -o map.net.xml

Step 4

Copy the typemap.xml file and traceExporter.py file

Click https://sumo.dlr.de/wiki/Networks/Import/OpenStreetMap copy the typemap file and save it to your working directory with the name typemap.xml

Copy the traceExporter.py file from sumo-0.22.0/tools in working directory

Step 5

Node Creation

polyconvert –net-file map.net.xml –osm-files map.osm –type-file typemap.xml -o map.poly.xml

python /home/kunal/sumo-0.22.0/tools/trip/randomTrips.py -n map.net.xml -e 100 -l

python /home/kunal/sumo-0.22.0/tools/trip/randomTrips.py -n map.net.xml -r map.rou.xml -e 100 -l

Step 6

File Configuration

Now need to make a sumo.cfg file to view the map using sumo-gui.

Now save the above file with a file name. I saved it with map.sumo.cfg

Now run the following command from terminal

sumo-gui map.sumo.cfg


After entering the command, sumo GUI window will pop out.