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How to Create different mobility models in NS2?

Step 1

Download BonnMotion v2.1.3 (2015-02-10)

Using this link

Step 2

Installing bonnmotion v2.1.3

. / install

Step 3

cd bonnmotion-2.1.3/bin/

To run BonnMotion

Step 4

$bonnmotion-2.1.3/bin] ./bm -hm (this will list all the models)

Screenshot :

Step 5

$bonnmotion-2.1.3/bin] ./bm -hm ProbRandomWalk (Will display all the parameters for ProbRandomWalk like number of nodes, x, y, random seed, etc.)

Screenshot :

Step 6

Create scenario with 10 number of nodes with x and y as 500 * 500

$bonnmotion-2.1.3/bin] ./bm -f scenario ProbRandomWalk -n 10 -x 500 -y 500

Step 7

Create two files called scenario.ns_movements, scenario.ns_params

$bonnmotion-2.1.3/bin] ./bm NSFile -f scenario

Screenshot :

Step 8

The scenario.ns_params and scenario.ns_movements can be used inside tcl script for ns2 using the source commandsource scenario.ns_paramssource scenario.ns_movements

Screenshot :