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How to find determinant and Inverse matrix of an array using scipy in python?


To write a small piece of code for finding determinant and Inverse matrix using python scipy library.

Input :

2 dimensional array.


Determinant of 2D array.
Inverse matrix.


  Define a sample array.

  Import linear algebra attributes from scipy.

  Pass to the det() constructor.

  Finds the determinant of an two dimensional array.

Sapmle Code

from scipy import linalg

import numpy as np

#define a 2-dimensional array

sample_array = np.array([[1,2],[3,4]])

#pass values to det() function

print(“Determinant of array”)

d = linalg.det(sample_array)


#Inverse matrix of array

print(“Inverse matrix of array”)

I = linalg.inv(sample_array)