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How to create class and object in python?


To see how to create a class and object in python3.


   A class is simply a blueprint of a data that defines the characteristics and behavior of its data members.

   Python starts with the keyword class followed by the name of the class and colon(:)

Eg.class student():

   The body of the class which contains variables, data, and functions.


   Object is memory reference of a class.

   Used to store data and functions defined inside a class.

   Using object we can call the methods that are defined in the class.

   Object should be within the class not with in the methods

Sapmle Code

#class classname(student)
class Student:
def __init__ (self,n , m =0 ):
self.name = n
self.marks = m
def display(self):
print(“hi”, self.name)
print(“your marks”, self.marks)
def calculate(self):
if (self.marks >= 75):
print(“you got first class”)

elif (self.marks >= 45):
print(“you are pass”)
print(“you are fail”)
#get input from the user
n = int(input(“how many students marks:” ))

#initialize the loop for many students
i = 0
while (i < n):
name = input(“enter the name : “)
marks = int(input(“enter the marks: “))

#object creation for student class
s1=Student(name, marks)

#method calling statements