What is Edge Computing

What is Edge Computing?

Edge Computing covers a wide range of computing concepts of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC), Fog Computing and Cloudlet. The objective of these computing technologies is getting the service from a nearby server located in the geographical proximity of the client

Why do we use Edge computing?

To provide time sensitive complex applications on the mobile devices with a limited in computational capacity and battery power by offloading the tasks to the near-by server

What is EdgeCloudSim?

EdgeCloudSim is a simulation tool to streamline the Edge Computing scenarios and it builds upon Cloudsim to address the specific demands of Edge Computing research and support necessary functionality in terms of computation and networking abilities. It provides the mobility model, network link model and edge server model to evaluate various aspects of Edge Computing

What are the software requirements for EdgeCloudSim?

  • EdgeCloudSim has been tested and ran on Sun’s Java version 1.6.0 or newer.
  • Older versions of Java are not compatible.
  • If you have non-Sun Java version, such as gcj or J++, they may not be compatible.
  • Operating System – Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit (or) MS-Windows.
  • IDE – NetBeans 8.1./Eclipse
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