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Handbook on Array Processing and Sensor Networks

Author(s) Name:  Simon Haykin, K. J. Ray Liu

About the Book:

   A handbook on recent advancements and the state of the art in array processing and sensor Networks Handbook on Array Processing and Sensor Networks provides readers with a collection of tutorial articles contributed by world-renowned experts on recent advancements and the state of the art in array processing and sensor networks.
   Focusing on fundamental principles as well as applications, the handbook provides exhaustive coverage of: wavelets; spatial spectrum estimation; MIMO radio propagation; robustness issues in sensor array processing; wireless communications and sensing in multi-path environments using multi-antenna transceivers; implicit training and array processing for digital communications systems; unitary design of radar waveform diversity sets; acoustic array processing for speech enhancement; acoustic beamforming for hearing aid applications; undetermined blind source separation using acoustic arrays; array processing in astronomy; digital 3D/4D ultrasound imaging technology; self-localization of sensor networks; multi-target tracking and classification in collaborative sensor networks via sequential Monte Carlo; energy-efficient decentralized estimation; sensor data fusion with application to multi-target tracking; distributed algorithms in sensor networks; cooperative communications; distributed source coding; network coding for sensor networks; information-theoretic studies of wireless networks; distributed adaptive learning mechanisms; routing for statistical inference in sensor networks; spectrum estimation in cognitive radios; nonparametric techniques for pedestrian tracking in wireless local area networks; signal processing and networking via the theory of global games; biochemical transport modeling, estimation, and detection in realistic environments; and security and privacy for sensor networks.
   Handbook on Array Processing and Sensor Networks is the first book of its kind and will appeal to researchers, professors, and graduate students in array processing, sensor networks, advanced signal processing, and networking.

Table of contents

  • Wavefields.
  • Spatial Spectrum Estimation
  • MIMO Radio Propagation
  • Robustness Issues in Sensor Array Processing
  • Wireless Communication and Sensing in Multipath Environments Using Multiantenna Transceivers
  • Implicit Training and Array Processing for Digital Communication Systems
  • Unitary Design of Radar Waveform Diversity Sets
  • Acoustic Array Processing for Speech Enhancement
  • Acoustic Beamforming for Hearing Aid Applications
  • Undetermined Blind Source Separation Using Acoustic Arrays
  • Array Processing in Astronomy
  • Digital 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging Array
  • Self-Localization of Sensor Networks
  • Multitarget Tracking and Classification in Collaborative Sensor Networks via Sequential Monte Carlo
  • Energy-Efficient Decentralized Estimation
  • Sensor Data Fusion with Application to Multitarget Tracking
  • Distributed Algorithms in Sensor Networks
  • Cooperative Sensor Communications
  • Distributed Source Coding
  • Network Coding for Sensor Networks
  • Information-Theoretic Studies of Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Distributed Adaptive Learning Mechanisms
  • Routing for Statistical Inference in Sensor Networks
  • Spectral Estimation in Cognitive Radios
  • Nonparametric Techniques for Pedestrian Tracking in Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Reconfigurable Self-Activating Ion-Channel-Based Biosensors
  • Biochemical Transport Modeling, Estimation and Detection in Realistic Environments
  • Security and Privacy for Sensor Networks
  • ISBN:  9780470371763

    Publisher:   John Wiley & Sons, Inc

    Year of Publication:  2009

    Book Link:  Home Page Url