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Data Mining Your Website

Data Mining Your Website

Interesting Research Book in Data Mining Your Website

Author(s) Name:  Jesus Mena

About the Book:

   This exciting book will help companies create, capture, enhance, and analyze one of their most valuable new sources of marketing information-usage and transactional data from a website. A company-s website is a primary point of contact with its customers and a medium in which visitor-s actions are messages about who they are and what they want.
   Data Mining Your Website will teach you the tools, techniques, and technologies you will need to profile current and potential customers and predict on-line interests and behavior. You will learn how to extract from the huge pools of information your website generates, insights into on-line buying patterns, and how to apply this knowledge to design a website that better attracts, engages, and retains on-line customers.
   Data Mining Your Website explains how data mining is a foundation for the new field of web-based, interactive retailing, marketing, and advertising. This innovative book will help web developers and marketers, webmasters, and data management professionals harness powerful new tools and processes.

ISBN:  9781555582227

Publisher:  Digital Press

Year of Publication:   1999

Book Link:  Home Page Url