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Edge Computing Research Topics - Current Trends

Edge Computing Research Topics

Edge Computing Research Topics - Current Trends

    In recent years, with the increased number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, consolidating and processing the generated data in a single data center is an arduous task. Edge computing brings the computing platform close to the data source, which improves the performance and speed of data without sending the data to the centralized systems. It extends the self-healing network, remote cloud services, distributed data, and peer-to-peer networking. Edge computing pushes the communication capabilities, processing power, and intelligence of an edge gateway into the devices. Edge computing enables the IoT data processing closer to the data generated location instead of sending the data to the nearby data centers or clouds. It performs the computing closer to the edge of the network, which supports the organizations to analyze the significant data in the near. Edge computing has been widely used in different industries, such as telecommunications, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.

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