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Internet of Things

The current smart computing depends on the ubiquitous sensing capabilities of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) that significantly influence many applications in modern living. The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm is a promising paradigm that connects billions of heterogeneous objects through the Internet and plays a vital role in building a smart world. It creates a high impact on the quality of human lives in many aspects, which provides seamless integration of information and communication technologies. The enabling technologies of IoT are WSN, RFID, and emerging communication and information technologies. Ubiquitous sensing can infer and measure the surroundings through the embedded devices in the environment. This ubiquitous sensing results in many applications of the next generation that produce a large volume of data that need seamless integration, presentation, storage, and efficient processing. The next revolution of Internet technology (web3) will seamlessly integrate ubiquitous computing devices (objects) into the future Internet to enable interconnections between objects to make a smart environment. The IoT has to go beyond the traditional mobile computing paradigm by enabling smart objects to realize the full potential of the smart computing environment. Smart connectivity and context-aware computation are key components of the IoT. Some of the potential applications of IoT are smart transportation, health monitoring, surveillance, infrastructure monitoring, environment monitoring, business, and smart home. S-Logix has put its systematic efforts into realizing the new technology and offers consulting services to move further.