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Research Topics in IoT Smart Transportation

Research Topics in IoT Smart Transportation

PhD Research and Thesis Topics in IoT Smart Transportation

   IoT smart transportation is referred to as incorporating modern IoT technologies into intelligent transportation systems for road safety and driving comfortable enhancement. Some of the examples of smart transportation are automatic traffic signal controlling, collision warning predictions, vehicle speed alerts, emergency vehicle notifications, emergency vehicle preemption, parking area detection, smart corridors, pedestrian safety, online e-toll payment, and video gaming.
   With the assistance of IoT smart transportation, the traffic management centers easily detect roadside hazards and take timely actions to prevent live losses and property damages. The major advantages of IoT smart transportation are intersection delay, improving speed, managing speed efficiency, minimizing the travel time, boosting the emergency vehicle speed along its selected route, capacity management, and incident handling. Based on the applications, IoT smart transportation is classified into mobility-based, environmental-based, and safety-based. Moreover, efficient and well-planned traffic management maximizes the performance of smart city management.