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Latest Research Papers in Internet of Things (IoT)

Latest Research Papers in Internet of Things

Trending Internet of Things Research Papers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is realized as a significant shift to a new paradigm that has changed traditional living into a high-tech lifestyle. It enables information and communication between devices and sensors through the internet to facilitate our lives. IoT uses smart devices and the internet to offer innovative solutions to challenges and issues related to various worldwide business, governmental, and public/private industries.

IoT is a progressive technology that becomes an essential aspect of our life that can be enabled everywhere. An important aspect of human life is transportation. IoT has initiated new technological advancements to make it more efficient, reliable, and comfortable. The advantages of IoT are, Improved productivity of staff and reduced human labor, Efficient operation management, Better use of resources and assets, Cost-effective operation, Improved customer service retention, and better business opportunities.

List of Latest Research Papers Topics in Internet of Things