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Latest Cloud Security Research Topics

Cloud Security Research Topics

Latest Cloud Security Research Topics

The explosive growth of Cloud computing technology has led to the enterprise cloud vendors become a lucrative industry. The huge volume of data stored in the cloud not only improves the profit of the cloud vendors but creates the opportunity for illegal access by cyber-criminals. The cloud computing environment often meets the threats such as data breaches, account hijacking, data loss, insecure Application Programming Interface (API), and service traffic hijacking. In the cloud, weak access controls, availability disruptions, unauthorized data exposure, and data leaks are high-level security concerns. Hence, modeling Cloud security is a pivotal concern to secure the sensitive information and infrastructure of cloud computing. Cloud security involves a set of policies, regulations, and technologies to protect data and applications belongs to the cloud. To secure cloud data, Cloud security measures widely involve encryption management and authentication or access control.

Cloud Security -Topics Coverage

Cloud Computing Security Standards and Compliance in Industry, Security Management in Cloud Computing, Distributed Authentication and Authorization in Cloud, Distributed Access Control Mechanisms in Cloud, Access Control Mechanisms and Governance.

Cryptography and Key Management Strategies for Cloud Security, Data Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability in Cloud Security, Encryption and Key Management, Security monitoring for Virtual Machines, Reliable Virtual-Machine Management System, Virtualization Security in Cloud Computing, Cryptographic Protocols for Cloud, Multi-Cloud Security Provisioning, Identity Management and Multi-factor Authentication

Privacy Preservation, Anonymous Data Sharing in Cloud Computing, Efficient Searchable Data Encryption, Privacy Preservation in Public Auditing of Cloud Storage, Key Exchange Privacy Preservation for Cloud, Data Mining Techniques for Privacy Preservation, Machine Learning-based Privacy Preservation, Secure Outsourcing of Big Data in Cloud, Secure Data Segregation and Isolation in Cloud.

Security Threats in Cloud, Cryptographic Protocols against Internal Attacks, Secure Cryptographic Cloud Communication, Security Solutions for Cloud attacks, Security Solutions for Denial-of-Service Attacks, Security Solutions for Man-in-the-Middle Attacks, Security for Cloud Infrastructure and Services, Log Security, Real-time Analysis of Security Log Data for Alert Generation, Intrusion Detection System with Event Logging in Cloud.

Efficient Searchable Data Encryption in Cloud Storage, Cryptography and Access Control based Secure Storage, Secure Data Forwarding in Cloud Storage, Risk Assessment and Risk Management, Cloud Reliability Analysis, Artificial Intelligence for Cloud Reliability, Real-time Analysis of Security Log Data for Alert generation, Blockchain Technology for Cloud Security, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Machine Learning and Deep Learning-based Solutions for Cloud Security.