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PhD Research Proposal Topics for Cloud Security

PhD Research Proposal Topics for Cloud Security

PhD Research Proposal Topics for Cloud Security

    Cloud security is one of the emerging research areas, protecting the cloud applications, infrastructure, and data from leakage, theft, and deletion. Several popular cloud security methods include penetration testing, tokenization, obfuscation, firewalls, avoiding public internet connection, and Virtual Private Network (VPN). Although, cloud security is still in its infancy stage in completely protecting the cloud data, applications, and infrastructure. Cloud computing often confronts several top threats such as the insecure interface, abuse of cloud computing, data loss, service or account hijacking, and malicious insiders. Recently, the increased variations and sophistication have led to serious concern on cyber-attacks such as zero-day attacks, which pose significant threats to the different cloud-based environments especially, industrial, government, and military fields. Hence, cloud security mechanism needs to focus on protecting the data compromised or misused by both the users in the cloud and the cloud service providers. Several major security challenges in the cloud computing environment leverage the researchers to develop the security mechanisms, which are discussed as follows.

    Mitigating data breaches in the cloud is a critical task due to the application vulnerability, poor security practices, and the result of human error.

    Providing access to the cloud data and services only to legitimate users is a challenging task due to the violations or disruptions in the virtual image control.

    Cloud service hijacking compromises the trust of the cloud-based service or company by stealing sensitive information or launching unauthorized activity.

    Securing the cloud system from Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacksĀ is an arduous task in the cloud, which leads to the loss of customer trust, brand authority, and revenue due to the rendering or overwhelming of the servers for a certain time.