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Trending Thesis Topics in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology Research Topics

Trending Blockchain Technology Research Topics for Masters and PhD

Nowadays, cryptocurrency has an emerging digital currency for research in both academia and the industry. With the successful development of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has gained significant attention in the digital world. Blockchain technology plays a vital role in designing the data storage with secure transactions in Bitcoin without the need of any third party. Blockchain technology stores all the transactions in a list of blocks as a public ledger, which grows continuously with new blocks. To maintain ledger consistency and provide user security, it has implemented the distributed consensus and asymmetric cryptography algorithms. Decentralization, anonymity, auditability, and persistency are key characteristics of blockchain technology. With the advantages of its characteristics, blockchain technology greatly improves efficiency and saves the cost. Also, it supports the different financial services, including online payment, remittance, and digital assets regardless of any intermediary or bank. Moreover, it provides services to the public services, smart contracts, Internet of Things (IoT), security services, and reputation systems.

Blockchain Technology -Topics Coverage

Foundation and Evolution of Blockchain, Architectures, Standards, Software Tools, Interoperability, Scalability, Security, Privacy, and Development Platforms and Frameworks, Protocols and Algorithms for Blockchain, Decentralization, Smart Contracts and Consensus Mechanisms, Fault Tolerance Mechanisms, Cryptocurrency, Performance and Energy Efficiency Issues in Blockchain, Trust Management, Privacy Leakage Issue, Advanced Cryptography Algorithms, Transaction Graph Analysis, Emerging Blockchain Models, Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchain Models, Blockchain in Government and Public Services, Regulation and Law Enforcement, Legal, Ethical and Societal Aspects of Blockchain.

Blockchain for Large-scale Applications, Banking Industry, Healthcare, Blockchain as a Service, IoT, Cloud, Smart Grid, Smart Transportation, Smart City, Internet of Vehicles, Edge Computing, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial IoT, Internet of Vehicles, Industry-4.0 Applications, Big Data, Decentralized Storage Systems, Fraud Detection and Prevention of Financial Crime