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Latest Literature Survey Papers in Blockchain Technology

Trending Literature Survey Topics in Blockchain Technology

Best Blockchain Technology Literature Survey Papers

   Blockchain technology is an emerging revolutionary technology, a publicly available digital ledger that provides decentralized, secure peer-to-peer transactions and immutable properties. Moreover, it provides trust, security, independence, anonymity, integrity, and authenticity of diversified applications. It is a digital chain of blocks that involves three different types public, private, and consortium blockchain.
   The blockchain technology applications include cryptocurrencies, power grid, transport systems, healthcare, IoT, and e-business. Even though blockchain technology has gained popularity, there are numerous open issues and challenges such as scalability, performance issues, energy inefficient, and cost of decentralization. Extensive literature surveys reviewed blockchain being used in many useful application areas. This list presents surveys of blockchain technology in varying degrees of depth with a specific scope.

List of Latest Topics for Literature Survey in Blockchain Technology