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Latest Mobile Computing Research Topics

Mobile Computing Research Research Topics

Latest Mobile Computing Research Topics

With the emergence of smartphones, most of the people spend much time with their smartphones in every aspect of day-to-day life. Nowadays, the explosive growth of mobile applications has revolutionized the communication landscape through different categories of applications on smartphones and tablets. Android and iOS are widely used smartphone platforms, providing a variety of the most sophisticated applications for their users, which enforce the demand for mobile computing. Mobile computing is a generic term, referring to a variety of devices that enable the people to access the data from everywhere at any time with or without the Internet. It allows the people to exchange the data, voice, and video over the Internet using the mobile device. As the continuous growth of smartphone application usage, the threat of malware has increased in terms of abusing the premium service, private information theft, device fingerprinting, and rooting the smartphone to launch the attacks. With the increased utilization of the financial service based mobile applications on smartphones, security and privacy become the significant constraints. Hence, smartphone users demand potential defense mechanisms for privacy and security concerns while accessing third-party applications. Moreover, the tremendous increase of the mobile applications in the application market such as Google Play and Apple App store significantly increase the difficulty of the application discovery for mobile users. In accordance with, it is essential to build the recommender systems for facilitating the discovery of mobile applications from the immense amount of choices.

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