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Latest Research Papers in Mobile Computing

Latest Research Papers in Mobile Computing

Trending Mobile Computing Research Papers

Mobile Computing (MC) is a technology that allows the transmission of data, voice, and video on wireless-enabled device without having to be a connected fixed physical link. MC refers to a specific style of computing where the computer is expected to be transported during normal usage. The computer device involved a mobile device, which usually runs on a battery, sending and receiving data through wireless. MC has been widely used in several application areas. The methods and techniques for applying these in real-life situations have continued to emerge in education settings focusing on existing practices that remain largely under-explored. The MC consists of cloud, mobile, computing devices, wireless channels, and resource providers. MC aims to provide users ease so they can get everything on their mobile devices with reliability. In its simplest form, mobile computing is a structure where computing storage and processing occur outside mobile devices, whereas resources can be explored on the mobile. By using MC, the business processes are very easily able to secure the connections.

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