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Preparing a PHD Research Proposal for Computer Science

Guidelines for Preparing a PHD Research Proposal

Preparing a PHD Research Proposal for Computer Science

   A research proposal plays a critical role in PhD application and should be a unique and original knowledge contribution. Research proposals are utilized to induce potential supervisors and funders that the research work is worthy of their facilitation. This brief guide helps to write an excellent research proposal. It meant to think about the PhD research proposal in a more explicit, organized, and purposeful way. It also emphasizes the practical steps which lead to conducting the research work. A proper PhD proposal provides the scope and significance of the topic and procedure of the research work. A strong research proposal depends upon many aspects, including the essence of the research, quality of the concept, duration of the research work, and supervision from experts. Under the consideration of all aspects, some key guidelines are highlighted for better research study below:

Significance of the research proposal
  • The research proposal should demonstrate the significance and the quality of the research
  • The proposal explains the potential of the proposed research work and its future impact among the research community.
  • The proposal highlights the novelty, uniqueness, and freshness of the research work
  • Proposal elucidates the originality of the problem and illustrates the critical thinking and skills applied to prove the research problem.
Selection of the research topic
  • The topic selection depends on many factors, such as
  • Background and expertise of the student in the research topic
  • The expertise of the supervisor
  • Future impact of the research problem
  • Researchability of the research topic
  • Availability and feasibility of the tools and technologies to solve the research problem
  • Feasibility of publications in top journals
  • How does it impact the advancement of knowledge?
Scope of the Research
  • Significance of the field of the research
  • Identify the potential applications
  • The impact of the research on the Industry/Academia/Society
Literature Survey
  • Collect relevant research papers from the leading journals for the last 5-10 years in the area of research
  • Carry out a comprehensive literature survey on the research topic
  • Narrow down the research idea and finalize the title
Research Gap Analysis
  • Find out the problem based on the survey, which is not addressed appropriately in the topic of the proposal.
  • Identify the limitations in the existing research
  • Why the problem is essential and how it is going to impact future research
  • Find the potential opportunities for further research to fill the gaps in the research topic
Problem Statement
  • The problem statement should be more concise and concrete description of a research problem based on the research gap
  • Explores the relevance and significance of the research idea
  • Clearly describe the existence of the problem and how to tackle it
  • The problem statement should be researchable to tackle the research issue, feasible for development, and clearly address the relevant research problem effectively.
Aim and Objectives
  • Precisely define the achievable outcome and the purpose of the research
The proposed methodology
  • Defines the systematic plan of the proposed research work
  • Define the methods, tools, and techniques employed to solve the research problem
  • Describe the method of analysis
  • Performance evaluation of the proposed research work
Experimental Software Requirements
  • Software tools required to solve the research problem
  • Operating systems, Programming Language, Programming Packages, Database, Research Tools, Graph Generator, Document Writer and Plagiarism Checking Tools
Potential Contributions of the Research
  • The potential outcome of the research
  • Achievements of the research work
  • How the research contributions impact the Industry/Academia/Society
  • Precise conclusion of the research proposal
  • Latest references related to the research proposal cited appropriately with proper citation format such as APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), and so on.

Research Topics for Writing a PhD Proposal in Computer Science