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Latest Research Papers in Cybersecurity

Latest Research Papers in Cybersecurity

Trending Cybersecurity Research Papers

Cyber Security is an academic discipline and profession organized around pursuing the security of data, networks, and computer systems. It is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. Various cyber security technologies, such as walls and encryption, are used to achieve this goal in the face of various threats, such as viruses or phishing attacks.

The social and financial importance of cybersecurity is increasingly recognized by governments nowadays. Cybersecurity technologies have an important impact on human well-being as they make possible many contemporary human organizations that rely on the accessibility and integrity of data and computer systems. Cybersecurity raises important ethical trade-offs and complex moral issues, such as whether to pay hackers to access data.

Cybersecurity technology should be used to benefit humans, promote human well-being and make our lives overall better. It should be used to promote fairness, equality, and impartiality in intelligible, transparent, and understandable ways. It should also be clear who is accountable and responsible. Cyber Security Protects Personal Data, Business Reputation, and Productivity, Assists Remote Working, Better Data Management, and Improves Cyber Posture. The challenges currently faced by cyber security in recent years are Cybersecurity Threats, Social Engineering, Third party exposure, Configuration Mistakes, Poor Cyber Hygiene, and Ransomware.

List of Latest Research Papers Topics in CyberSecurity