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Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in CyberSecurity

Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in CyberSecurity

Leading SCIE and SCOPUS Indexed Journals in CyberSecurity

   Cybersecurity aims at protecting internet-connected devices and servers, including software and data information from cyber threats. Cyber attack incidents often occur with disastrous and grievous consequences, including confidentiality threat (Data Theft), integrity threat (Alter Data), availability attacks (Denial Access) are popular cyber attacks. Many journals publish cyber security concepts in terms of its framework, workforces under security issues with Good Impact factor, and journal rank for Cybersecurity Applications.
   This Complete journals List reviews cyber security models and their limitations and reviews the past techniques used to mitigate these threats. This list also provides a top rank Journals in Cyber security from Leading Publishers in the Research Field with high impact factor, Cite Score, Scientific Journal Rank (SJR), H-Index, and recommendations for further research.

General Scope and Topics Coverage of CyberSecurity Journals

  • Symbolic Execution for Detecting Vulnerabilities in Web Applications - Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security Threats - Block Chain Technology for Cyber Security Threats
  • Machine Learning for Cyber Security Threats - Cyber Security for IoT based Smart Systems - Federated learning for Cyber Security Threats - Zero Trust Access Architecture
  • Fuzzing for Security Vulnerability Discovery - Cyber-attacks and Countermeasure on Interconnected Critical Infrastructure - Intrusion Detection Systems for IoT Applications
  • Intrusion Detection Systems for Wired and wireless network Applications - Cybersecurity for Connected Autonomous Vehicles

List of High Impact Factor CyberSecurity Journals