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PhD Project Topics in Cybersecurity

PhD Project Topics in Cybersecurity

In the real world, cyber security is a major concern to secure and protect the data, network, system, or program. An individual or organization often confronts the security threats in their day-to-day life. In order to ensure security, it is necessary to detect and prevent intruders using firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention techniques. Cyber security mechanism helps to detect and stop the intruders for reducing illegal activities such as unauthorized entry, or data modification. Although, cyber security strategies face difficulties in minimizing the attacks from the insiders while the insiders threats are increasing rapidly. Furthermore, it is necessary to focus on minimizing the processing time, improving the throughput performance. A shortage in the skills of cyber makes organizations more desirable targets for information hacking. The organizations realize that the information security skills are not sufficient for protecting the data. The security needs of organizations have to continue to accelerate Cybersecurity. Thus, most of the research works turn their focus into Cyber Security.