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Research Topics in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Research Topics

Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANets) is becoming an emerging trend to meet the various demands in real time application. In these networks, vehicles communicate with each other and possibly with a roadside infrastructure to provide a long list of applications varying from transit safety to drive assistance and Internet access Most of the concerns of interest to mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are of interest in VANETs, but the details differ. Rather than moving at random, vehicles tend to move in an organized fashion. The interactions with roadside equipment can likewise be characterized fairly accurately. Most vehicles are restricted in their range of motion. Such a network might poses safety concerns for example, one cannot safely type an email while driving. GPS and navigation systems might benefit, as they could be integrated with traffic reports to provide the fastest route to work. It was also promoted for free, VoIP services such as Google Talk or Skype between employees, lowering telecommunications costs. The future features of vehicular adhoc networks are taken into consideration by S-LOGIX with an angle to emphasize on emerging domains for real time applications.

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