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PhD Research Proposal Topics for Mobile Cloud Computing

PhD Research Proposal Topics for Mobile Cloud Computing

PhD Research Proposal Topics for Mobile Cloud Computing

    Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) enables mobile users to execute their resource-intensive and compute-intensive applications or tasks in the resource-abundant cloud through computation offloading. With the most pioneering blends of modern technologies, MCC provides highly beneficial solutions to mobile users and cloud-based service providers. Several potential mobile cloud applications include video streaming, online gaming, social networking, and online storage applications. The rise of mobile commerce applications utilized by consumers creates a great impact on mobile cloud computing. Numerous advancements in the MCC solutions to handle the shortcomings in the existing potential solutions for assisting mobile users. Several research challenges of MCC include,

    MCC often meets energy efficiency constraints while offloading huge resource-intensive processing to the cloud due to the limited battery life of the mobile device.

    Developing platform-independent computing solutions is a challenging task due to the rise of heterogeneity in device operating systems such as android, and Apple iOS.

    Ensuring service availability is a critical task in the MCC due to the network breakdown, transportation crowding, and out of coverage.

    Mitigating Service Level Agreement (SLA) violations and improving the Quality of Service (QoS) is a critical task in a dynamic environment.

    Maintaining a trade-off between mobile user satisfaction and cloud service provider’s profit becomes an emerging research area

    Execution optimization of cloud-based mobile applications is essential among the heterogeneous nature of requests and cloud resources to improve QoS

    Providing context-aware mobile cloud services is crucial for cloud-based mobile applications to reduce resource wastage and performance degradation.