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Trending PhD Research Proposal Topics in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Trending PhD Research Proposal Topics in Artificial Intelligence

    Nowadays, people live their life with more advancements and ease of access to the developed technologies. Artificial intelligence is the process of mimicking behaviors, or functions of the human brain by the computes or machines in problem-solving and learning information. The advanced artificial intelligence model greatly assists computer vision, natural language processing, prediction, and decision-making functions in various real-world application domains. With the real-life successes in machine learning, artificial intelligence has gained enormous attention among people. Owing to the advances in artificial intelligence, the applications of self-driving cars, smart speakers, image recognition, and computer vision have been assisted day-to-day human lives. With the rise of big data, artificial intelligence plays a significant role in public life and the business environment. Spam classification, handwritten digits recognition, medical decision-making, gaming, opinion mining, next-word prediction, chatbot, fake review recognition, automatic attendance, and music recommendation are the rapidly emerging artificial intelligence research areas.