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Research Guidance in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

PhD Guidance in Artificial Intelligence Research

Research Guidance in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Masters and PhD

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is the superordinate of different approaches for big data analytics, such as machine learning algorithms and deep learning techniques.

  • AI algorithms are mathematical models that assist in improving the consequence of the specific process or automating a certain routine task. It can build an intelligent system for deciding on its own, whereas intelligence refers to thinking and acting over the dynamic environment.

  • In AI, the intelligence of the system is done using programming that allows a system to learn and act upon the real-time environment by exploiting the previous occurrence of the event.

  • In the AI system, the system intends to act like a human when it incorporates abundant information from the facts, categories, properties, objects, and the relation between each of them.

Best Support for Masters and Phd in Artificial Intelligence Research Guidance

  • Research Proposal in Artificial Intelligence
  • Problem Identification in Artificial Intelligence
  • Research Methodology
  • Mathematical Model / Formulation
  • Literature Survey in Artificial Intelligence
  • System Design and Implementation
  • Performance Analysis and Results
  • Writing Services: Journal Papers, Synopsis and Thesis


  • Ph.D

    Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Computer applications, Information Technology and Computer Networks

  • M.E/M.Tech/M.S

    Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Networks and Information Technology