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PhD Research Proposal Topics for Cloud Computing 2022

PhD Research Proposal Topics for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a prominent and fast-growing technique in information technology due to its on-demand resource sharing. In addition, it provides numerous benefits includes on-demand services, resource provisioning, flexibility, scalability, reliability, ubiquitous access, broad network access, minimum time, and cost consumption. With the beneficial characteristics, it is prosperous in various sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, education, banking, and business. In cloud computing, task scheduling and resource allocation have become popular research areas. Task scheduling has become increasingly significant in improving the Quality of service (QoS) in the cloud environment. Task scheduling is scheduling the task on the resources without violating the Service Level Agreements (SLAs). In order to diminish energy consumption and reduce the processing time, it is necessary to develop an efficient task scheduling algorithm. Although, task scheduling and resource allocation confront the violations in the SLAs. SLA in Cloud Computing is the significant factor, which is the contract between the Cloud user and the Cloud service provider for defining the services from the service provider. In Cloud computing, it is an essential thing to define the parameters, including the cost, completion time, and security, before executing the task in the cloud environment. Hence, effective scheduling of tasks minimizes the violation of SLAs while executing the task in the Cloud. Moreover, integrating the task scheduling and resource allocation methodologies with the optimization models greatly assists the improvements in the quality and efficiency of the decision-making and execution in the cloud environment.